Australian Inland Botanic Gardens

The concept of a local botanic gardens was first conceived more than 50 years ago and the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens, as it is now known, came into existence in 1988.

Primarily the gardens were designed as a repository for a range of Australian native plant materials and a large collection of plant species found in many countries throughout the world. As the plants and trees grew to maturity the AIBG evolved into a place of beauty, serenity and a wonderful place to walk, explore or simply sit and enjoy a picnic.

Serious planning began in the early 1980s and the development officially began in 1988.

The Grounds

The AIBG is a beautiful place to enjoy on many levels, but it also is home to a wide range of bird-life, some species not seen elsewhere and also as a research resource, as the collection consists of many rare and endangered plant species.

Function Venues

The Gardens is also home to a number of historically significant buildings , which have been re-purposed to provide amazing venues for weddings, private functions, arts events, trade launches, conferences and a backdrop for tribute ceremonies.


The educational opportunities offered by the AIBG have been utilised by many local and visiting schools and tertiary organisations, as the site offers a glimpse of a very unique arid natural environment not found elsewhere.

The Plants

The AIBG plant collection represents many thousands of individual specimens and covers a very broad range of species from around the globe and an enviable collection of indigenous species. The collection is constantly being expanded and rare and unusual specimens sourced or propagated by the talented horticulturists on staff.